Sahityalaya is an organisation promoting self-study, nurturing scientific temper, igniting technical attitude, advocating social brotherhood and favouring religious harmony for better and bright future of Indian society.


It is not just a library but integrates science and maths activities for children, innovation facilities for students and planning to provide research facilities for young scientist in coming future. As we know, our country is far behind in scientific research, innovation and technical design & development comparative to other countries in the world irrespective of capable and talented human resource. In view of that we are trying to setup a small technical and scientific incubation centre named Sahityalaya in rural areas and urban slums so that young talents in underprivileged areas could be inspired and promoted for future technology. We are focusing on learning by doing programme together with project based learning and promoting teaching-learning-earning model so that underprivileged students may take advantage to accelerate their carrier growth.

Sahityalaya’s team has germinated a seed of technical and scientific revolution in India by targeting rural areas and urban slums to demolish unemployment from Indian society. We believe that this germinated seed of technical and scientific revolution must grow into plant then tree. Sahityalaya committed to spread social brotherhood and religious harmony in Indian society and honour Indian constitution in its true sense for healthy, strong and corruption-less democracy. That is why Sahityalaya is an educational, scientific, technical, social and cultural organization.

Sahityalaya Promotes Learning by Doing

through activities, workshops, projects, innovation & research by involving kids, children & students

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