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         Farmers, producing food for our family, state and the nation are being compelled to suicide. Labourers, who are backbone of our national economy, providing cheap services to our industries and farming, have acute shortage of basic amenities like healthy food, clothing, shelter, medical facilities and quality education to their children. Soldiers protecting our international borders, safeguarding our nation by sacrificing their life, but their dependents suffer.

         Therefore, kids and children of farmers, labourers and soldiers must deserve a global exposure in education, science & technology at their doorstep that are waiting for your assistance with their wet eyes. It is urged that be a volunteer, support, suggest, contribute and donate and Let them Explore, Innovate, Discover, Design, Develop & Create with sahityalaya, ताकि इन्हे भी विकास की मुख्यधारा में शामिल करके, मजबुत भारत की नींव रखी जा सके |

Donate Why?
Account Number : 50200034408597​
Account Name : SAHITYALAYA
IFSC Code : HDFC0001669
Account Type : Current Account
Bank Address : E6, Prashant Vihar, Rohini,New Delhi, India, PIN 110085
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We know that it is not an easy task to achieve, but irrespective of that, our small team believe that our capable countrymen must come forward to support, suggest, contribute and donate for the noble cause to make this dream comes true in specified time period as stated in our mission and vision and hope you will see presence of Sahityalaya in every corner of the country soon.

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